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Yuki is still able to talk to ghosts, so she hangs out at the cemetery, and everyone thinks she’s super cryptic or something, but like, Kuzu just asks, and thinks its hella rad when she explains her abilities

So on halloween, they decide to gather up some hito-dama (cause ghosts probably get really bored) and jump out at people and stuff.

And then they go home, and watch movies when their done, but because Yuki can’t handle scary movies they watch halloween specials instead.

Now all I can do is think of Kuzu and Yuki doing super mundane things in current day, like playing Skyrim, or getting ice cream coffee with their group of friends.

Chiyo and Yuki could go to the mall and buy build-a-bears, And Chi would get Yuki a cute sun hat.

Kuzu would spend all day running errands around town parkour style because that’s basically what Kuzu does in comic anyway. Maybe Kuzu does delivery.

I accidentally just AU’d my own comic help

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